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Real Estate Transactions

Hartford County, Connecticut, Real Estate Lawyer

The Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio provides full-service representation to buyers or sellers of residential and commercial real estate. With 25 years of experience, I can protect your interests and facilitate a smooth and efficient property transaction. I also help clients in foreclosures or estate liquidations.

I care about my clients and provide whatever service I can to move the process along or clear a legal barrier. Based in West Hartford, I represent individuals and businesses throughout Hartford County, New Haven County and Northern Connecticut. Call 860-232-5515 to schedule an appointment. My practice also handles real estate litigation and landlord-tenant disputes .

Residential Real Estate

Whether you are making the investment or selling a home, I can draft or review contracts and satisfy whatever the bank requires:

  • Offer to purchase
  • Purchase and sale agreement
  • Mortgage commitment
  • Inspection reports and disclosures
  • Title search and title opinion
  • Property deeds

In advance of the closing, I obtain releases of liens and the seller's signatures on all documents to make sure all is in order and to speed up the settlement.

Commercial Real Estate

I represent clients who are buying a business and commercial property, performing the due diligence and negotiating the sales contract. I also draft or amend commercial leases on behalf of the property owner or the tenant business.


If you are not able to prevent a foreclosure, I can represent your interests in selling the property to recoup some of the value, or negotiating with your bank for a short sale to satisfy the mortgage.

Estate Sales

If a family member who died left a home or other real estate, I can liquidate the asset on behalf of the estate. I obtain the fiduciary's deed and work with a realtor to (a) gain the highest value or (b) move the property swiftly to expedite estate administration.

I've been doing this since 1984. I know the law, and I know the red flags to look for in representing the homebuyer or property seller. I am always available to clients to answer questions and solve problems. Arrange a free initial consultation at 860-232-5515 .