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Real Estate Litigation

Northern Connecticut Real Estate Dispute Lawyer

Real estate litigation requires a knowledgeable attorney who can advance your position or protect your financial interests in court. With 25 years of experience, I can capably represent any party in property disputes and breach of contract litigation.

The Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio , located in West Hartford, practices in courts of Hartford County, New Haven County, Litchfield County and Tolland County. I am a solo practitioner who can act swiftly and provide the tough legal advocacy you need. Call me at 860-232-5515 to discuss your situation in a free initial consultation.

Partition actions — I have handled many scenarios in which joint owners of property (siblings, ex-spouses, investment partners) cannot agree on its use or disposition. The petitioning party will win in that the court will order the other party/parties to buy out your share, force a sale or subdivide the party (if feasible).

Adverse Possession — I represent either party in attempts to acquire title to land or acquire right-of-way after long-term use. Connecticut law allows a party to take possession after 15 years of open, exclusive and uninterrupted use of the property. I can also represent landowners in serving notice on adverse possessors within the 15-year window to prevent such a taking.

Real Estate Contract Disputes — I represent buyers or sellers in breach of contract claims relating to failed transactions or fraud, such as:

  • Deposit disputes or non-transfer of funds
  • Pulling out of the deal
  • Nondisclosure of property defects (mold, roof damage)
  • Nondisclosure of liens or easements

Also see Landlord-tenant disputes

If you are bringing suit, I aggressively pursue all injunctive remedies and damages. If you are defending real estate litigation, I am a veteran trial lawyer and skilled negotiator who knows the law and safeguards your rights. Call my West Hartford office at 860-232-5515 for a free consultation .