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Move Aways/Relocation

Connecticut Lawyer Assisting With Child Relocation Cases

We have become a much more mobile society over the past few decades. Moving to a new town for employment or out-of-state for another reason is no longer considered uncommon. However, relocation can become complicated when those looking to move have an existing child custody agreement with a former spouse or partner.

At the Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio , in West Hartford, Connecticut, I work with men and women in cases of parental relocation. I am a solo practicing family law attorney with 25 years of experience handling child custody, visitation and relocation matters.

If you are a parent seeking relocation or wish to stop a relocation from taking place, please contact my office by calling 860-232-5515 . I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns and legal options.

Parental Relocation

With the current state of the economy, many parents are relocating for a job. They may be moving to a city just a few miles away, across the country or even overseas. Regardless of the new location, a parent who shares custody or visitation cannot relocate a child without obtaining court approval.

In a typical relocation case, a modification must be made to the original child custody agreement. However, before this modification can occur, it must be proven to the court that the relocation is in the best interests of the child. This can be difficult in Connecticut courts, as they tend to favor keeping children close to both parents.

Opposing Relocation of Your Child

Many of the clients I represent are fathers opposing a mother's relocation with their child. Fathers simply do not want to lose or limit contact with the children they love and are helping raise. I understand these concerns and work to create a compelling argument illustrating why the relocation is not in the child's best interests.

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I work with either mothers or fathers in cases of relocation. However, my primary focus is always the best interests of the children involved. Contact me at 860-232-5515 to arrange a free consultation. I return calls within 24 hours and accept all major credit cards.