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Juvenile Law

Connecticut Lawyer Handling Juvenile Law Cases

Is your child in trouble with the law? Are you afraid of losing your child due to allegations of neglect or abuse? Troubled youth and parents experiencing difficulty with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families often have their cases handled in juvenile court, which is much different than regular court.

At the Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio , in West Hartford, Connecticut, I help families who have a child in trouble, as well as parent's whose child custody rights are in jeopardy. With 25 years of experience as a practicing juvenile law attorney , I understand the importance of helping families resolve legal issues and build a more solid foundation for the future.

If your child is facing charges of drug possession or underage drinking, or if Child Protective Services is questioning your parenting ability, contact my office by calling 860-232-5515 . I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your juvenile law concerns and options.

Juvenile Delinquency — Was Your Child Arrested?

As a parent, you want the best for your child's future. When he or she makes a mistake and gets in trouble with the law, you need to take immediate action. Having a record of juvenile detention or probation can negatively affect your child's ability to participate in extra-curricular activities. It may also limit the post-secondary institutions your child can attend.

You don't have to face these consequences alone. As a dedicated criminal defense and juvenile law attorney, I will work with you and your child toward a viable outcome, vigorously defending their rights and their future.

Juvenile Dependency — Are You In Danger of Losing Custody?

If a case of child abuse or neglect goes to juvenile court, you may be at risk of losing custody of your child. As your legal representative, it is my job to remind social services that they are responsible for meeting the burden of proof. I will advocate for your parental rights, helping you keep your children in your home.

Families should be together. If your child has been removed from your home, I will act quickly and decisively to help you regain custody.

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If your family is experiencing troubles with any juvenile law issue, I am here to help. Contact me by calling 860-232-5515 to schedule a free consultation. I return calls within 24 hours and accept all major credit cards.