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Family Law Overview

Connecticut Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Getting through a divorce is hard enough without raising the stakes. My focus in the practice of family law is on crafting fair, acceptable out-of-court resolutions. By working in a spirit of mediation with the other party, I aim to reduce the time, expense and aggravation.

The Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio is located in West Hartford, Connecticut. I am a sole practitioner lawyer representing women and men of Hartford, Litchfield, New Haven and Tolland counties. My 25 years of experience and insight enable me to resolve any family law matter:

Compassion, Guidance and Solutions

I try to put clients at ease by sitting down to listen and working through the options. I am firmly grounded in Connecticut marital and family law, and I know the tendencies of area judges. By explaining what is likely to happen, I help relieve the anxiety and enable clients to make clear-headed decisions.

No one wins in litigation. My philosophy is to forge ahead and reach agreements as efficiently as possible. I make every attempt to engage the spouse/ex-spouse and opposing counsel in productive negotiations. But if we reach a true impasse, or the other side is determined to fight it out in court, I am a formidable courtroom advocate.

Many people are concerned about (a) being overcharged and (b) not being able to reach their lawyer. My goal is to spend as little time in court as possible to keep legal fees low. Many of the details and negotiations can be worked out by phone, mail or Internet, rather than filing motions in court. I welcome your questions and return calls promptly.

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