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Experienced Lawyer Resolving Your Connecticut Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally draining process. In order to avoid this emotional turmoil and save both time and money, many people may be tempted to try the "do it yourself" divorce method. This is rarely a wise decision. It is far too easy to make a mistake that negatively impacts your future. In fact, it may even wind up costing you more than hiring an attorney in the first place.

At the Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio , in West Hartford, I represent men and women in Hartford County, and surrounding counties of northern Connecticut. I am a solo practicing lawyer with 25 years of experience handling divorce and family law matters.

I will guide you through your divorce with compassion and dedication. I strive to protect my clients' best interests while producing mutually acceptable out-of-court agreements that keep legal fees to a minimum. Contact me at 860-232-5515 for a free initial consultation.

A Divorce Attorney With Your Best Interests at Heart

A court battle is expensive and hard on the children. If you are like most of my clients — middle-class people with kids and few liquid assets besides the family residence — going to trial doesn't make much sense. There simply isn't enough money to go around as you create two new households out of one.

I am sensitive to the emotions of divorce. I walk clients through the difficult decisions required to arrive at out-of-court agreements on alimony, child support and child custody .

I have an extensive understanding of the laws surround dissolution of marriage, the courts and how individual judges are likely to rule. I also sit as a Special Master, serving in a divorce mediator role in courts in Hartford, and New Britain. As your legal counsel or as a neutral, I can help craft a fair and reasonable property division plan addressing:

  • House value and whether to stay in it or sell
  • QDRO retirement funds (pension plan, 401(k), IRA)
  • Valuation of a business or professional practice
  • Division of credit cards and other debts

Contact the Law Offices of Doris D'Ambrosio

I offer both the tough negotiating power and the spirit of compromise to help you reach an agreement and move on with your life. Contact me at 860-232-5515 to arrange a free consultation. I return calls within 24 hours and accept all major credit cards.