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Custody and Visitation

West Hartford, Connecticut, Child Custody Lawyer

Despite ending a marriage, you will continue a relationship as parents. Reaching an out-of-court custody agreement is challenging, but preferable to a solution imposed by the court. It also minimizes the expense and makes life easier in the long run for all involved.

The Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio is committed to protecting clients' interests while creating a new family dynamic after divorce. With 25 years of family law experience, I can explain the options and help you resolve child custody. My West Hartford practice represents women or men of Hartford County and Northern Connecticut. Arrange an appointment at 860-232-5515 .

Working It Out

If you and the other parent are able to compromise, I can assist in negotiating a parenting plan outside of court, including the particulars of overnights, holidays and vacations. This can be a traditional custodial parent and visitation arrangement, or a joint physical custody agreement in which the child spends (approximately) half the time with each parent.

Letting the Court Decide

If custody is contested, family relations social workers will conduct a custody study — with a guardian ad litem appointed to represent the child's best interests — and make recommendations to the court regarding primary custody, amount of visitation and therapy. A judge will rule on the family relations findings or order parents to undergo further assessment, counseling and mediation. Custody evaluation can take many months. Litigation drags it out even longer at great expense.

Whether you want to work out an agreement or whether you need counsel to safeguard your interests in court, I am an effective and compassionate legal advocate. I can also help with post-divorce modifications of custody.

A Word About Grandparents' Rights — I am often asked about grandparents' visitation rights, such as after the grandchild's parents divorce or break up. Connecticut courts do not recognize a right to access, even if there has been an established, healthy relationship. Visitation is solely up to the custodial parent(s).

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