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Traffic Violations

Hartford County Traffic Offense Lawyer

Before you pay the fine on a traffic ticket, you need to be sure that you are not putting your driver's license at risk. Certain violations can result in suspension.

The Law Offices of Doris B. D'Ambrosio represents Connecticut residents, out-of-state drivers, and commercial (CDL) drivers. Based in West Hartford, I practice in Hartford County and adjacent counties. I provide a free consultation: you may not need a lawyer, or it may not be worth the attorney fees. Call 860-232-5515 .

Having practiced in Northern Connecticut for 25 years, I am well known by local prosecutors and judges. I can often negotiate to get traffic violations amended to a lesser offense, or get tickets thrown out all together.

Serious Violations —Your driver's license is automatically suspended if convicted of a serious violation, such as a DUI.

These are misdemeanor crimes — a conviction goes on your criminal record, and carries weight for future criminal offenses. I can represent you in court (to fight or reduce the offense), as well as administrative hearings to keep or restore your license. Other traffic violations (running a red light, careless driving) can result in suspension if accumulated.

Traffic Infractions

A speeding ticket or using a cell phone while driving is an infraction, and does not count toward license suspension. However, if you are not a Connecticut resident, it may be treated differently in your home state. Certain infractions, such as excessive speeding or speeding in a school zone or construction zone, carry major fines and may be worth fighting. Lastly, infraction records are available to your insurance company and could raise your premium rates. I can advise whether to pay the ticket or fight it.

Commercial Drivers (CDL Truck Drivers or Bus Drivers)

The State Patrol has cracked down on overweight and out of inspection tractor-trailers, with aggressive enforcement and portable scales at random points, particularly on interstates I-95, I-91 and I-291, I-84 and I-384. I can defend CDL holders on regulatory tickets or moving violations to prevent high fines and severe sanctions against your commercial driver's license.

Contact my West Hartford office for a free initial consultation about your Connecticut traffic violation.